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High-End Audio Cable Sale!


Manufacturer direct, so save!

Huge discounts! Rock bottom pricing!


Donít let the prices fool you.

These products produce incredible results!


Currently featuring the following items:


Precision SE-30 (RCA) or XLR-30 (Balanced).

(Fine silver conductors)

One meter length: Available: 3 pair RCA & 2 pair XLR.

Now at only $99.00 (RCA) and $129.00 (XLR) per pair.


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Zing balanced (XLR).

(Continuous cast copper conductors)

One meter length: Available: 2 pair.

Now at only: $149.00 per pair!




Zing Ag balanced (XLR).

(5 nines silver conductors)

One meter length: Available: 2 pair.

Now at only: $169.00 per pair!




A testimony:

Cables have gotten a bum rap.

Donít conclude that all cables produce the same results.

The more refined and articulate be your audio system

the greater you hear the difference using

WHG Audio Design cabling.

WHG Audio Design cable products will definitely demonstrate this.

They will live up to your systemís strength . . . and then some!

Considering their high-end prowess these items are

currently, radically, under priced!


The goal of WHG Audio Design is to bring you musical

excellence and satisfaction beyond your expectation

by providing affordable high-end audio cabling!


All products hand made in the State of Oregon, USA.


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Payment by Pay Pal - To: whgaudiodesign@gmail.com.

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Shipping & Handling (USPS) - $20.00 within the U.S.A.





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