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Have you got the best cable product?



Years in development!


The new Precision SE-30 & XLR-30

2nd generation Interconnect!




High purity fine silver conductors, Pure (100%) PTFE Teflon jacket

Air & Pure PTFE Teflon dielectrics and nude ground conductor




The most open and audibly pleasing reproduction possible!

If you really desire the best sound from your audio

system then get the best cable . . .

The Precision 2nd generation Interconnect!



Sale . . . Sale . . . On Sale!


Sale price: Single-ended $219.00 and XLR $275.00.

(Priced per meter pair).


For a limited time order factory direct.


Place your order or inquiry using

this email address directly below:



E-mail address - click here: whgaudiodesign@gmail.com





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